As the Toilet Paper Burns…

Observations of an unabashed people watcher…

Hello Blogosphere~

So, here goes!  First forray into blogging… well… as I noted in the about me part- I’m a people watcher- I just can’t help it!  I try to be observant of my surroundings and sometimes that means I see some pretty crazy stuff.  This afternoon, driving home from work, I’m minding my own business.  Sitting at the stop light, watching traffic drive by.  I notice a car pulling up behind me, so I glance back into my rear view mirror… What do I see?  Honky homeboy rocking out in his wife-beater in his 3-tone hoopdy-ride… I mean, he’s going for it- arms up in the air, singing at the top of his lungs.  If this isn’t great enough, his co-pilot his slumped down with a brochure for Qdoba or something covering his face so no one can see him.  Now, my windows are rolled up because it’s hotter than hell in the desert… but I can’t help but roll down my windows to hopefully catch a few notes of whatever eminem is rocking out to back there.  Unfortunately, I can’t catch any dulcet tones, but I’m sure he was rocking out to Britney or Baby Gaga.  That seemed about his style…


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