As the Toilet Paper Burns…

Observations of an unabashed people watcher…

Why I don’t feel the need to excoriate my peeps…

They do it well enough themselves!
I asked one of my evil coworkers/wenches what happened during the all-staff meeting that I missed last week.  (I was sick *cough, cough*) she tells me about the latest controversies- the decision to start posting policy how-to’s and budgetting tips in the bathroom was not so well received.  The typical complaints about how one unit has it better the others were again thrashed out.  Oh yeah, and two people out in the parking lot stripped down and switched clothes while standing between two cars with the doors held open for some privacy.  The woman crouched down but the guy stayed standing, never mind that they were changing in the middle of the day in front of an office that has glass walls…  and less than 10 minutes later another man came up and noisily relieved himself against someone else’s car.  We do have public restrooms BTW…  he then went to the bar…guess there was a line there too at 3 in the afternoon…

I still think I’ll plan on missing next months all-staff too.  The ac sucks in there, and it’s just too hot to put up with goofy policies, stupid complaints and nasty nudity.  There’s a reason Jerry Springer blurred the nasty!


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