As the Toilet Paper Burns…

Observations of an unabashed people watcher…

Gobble gobble!

Happy turkey day to my flaming tp blog!

Little spurts of flame-

A real clothing line in an urban store- Red Ape!  What would the knock off brand be- Orange Orangutang?  Purple Monkey?  Bad Ass?  A colleague and I went to this urban store, which offers layaway on their cheapass knock offs and their backdoor bargains, and couldn’t stop laughing.  Yes, there was a slight fear that we would get shot, but definitely worth daring the danger!!

From my friend’s Facebook page: “just overheard two girls ranking US presidents from ‘ugliest to hottest’.  What a proud moment for public education” To which I want to respond, how do we know they aren’t private school brats?  Oh, because they said hottest, not hottttter.

I almost killed a coworker today.  Apparently my case reviews were so difficult to comprehend (big words?  small font?  I dunno…) that she was having difficulty breathing and had chest pains…  yeah. I’ll work on that, so that we only elevate blood pressure… no ambulances will need to be called for that.  We didn’t even get cute paramedics.  Guess it has to be an anthrax scare or something to rate that.

My head hurts.  I guess it’s time for more wine.  Then it will just be a holiday hangover!


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