As the Toilet Paper Burns…

Observations of an unabashed people watcher…

Checking in…

So this has been a crazy ass year… there have been so many crazy, scary, impressive things that have happened to me…

Here’s just a recap today:
— saw a truck hit a road cone, run it over and kick it up into the rest of the roadway! It bounced up into the only two lanes of traffic where we were crammed in around road construction. The bus and I both missed it. I’m not sure if anyone behind us did and it was several hours beforeI went back that way.

— drove through the aftermath of an accident almost immediately after it happened. I saw the vehicle upside down, smashed to hell and the driver laying inside… on the ROOF. People were trying to pull them out through the passenger side.

As heartless as it sounds, in both instances, I kept driving– there was no where for me to stop and really no aid that I could provide. I have to live with that. 😦


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