As the Toilet Paper Burns…

Observations of an unabashed people watcher…

Compromise in the workplace

While I was standing at the printer yesterday, I overheard an exchange which totally blew my mind…

For clarity, we’ll call these two coworkers Seated and Standing. I don’t want to use names here, and their names really don’t matter anyway. These two ladies have interview booths stationed right next to each other and Standing came over to talk to Seated who continued to type away and work. So Standing is venting to Seated about a case– I don’t believe that it was anything case specific that annoyed her, but more the attitude that she was given. Totally understandable and Seated was agreeing with her that people can be jerks. Seated turns and looks at Standing and interrupts her, “Can I tell you something?”

Standing doesn’t seem to mind, “Sure, what’s up?”

Seated: “You’re wearing my name tag.”

Standing: “Uh… Oops? I got confused again.”

Okay– need to pause here for a second. Name tags are mandatory in our office and Seated is a very creative, talented individual who has made beaded lanyards for herself and some others in the office. She’s sold a few of them as well. Her name tag is on a very pretty blue and green beaded lanyard, but Standing’s name tag is on a thicker cloth lanyard– TOTALLY DIFFERENT lanyards.

Apparently, Standing got confused as to which desk was hers and sat at Seateds desk for a while, put on her name tag and started to work. She must have gotten up at some point and returned to her own desk… but WTH? How the heck does this happen? And how often has it happened that Seated had such a calm, polite approach to it?

Seated gets my star of the day for being so tactful. I think I would have gotten pissed before I could laugh it off. Something about the invasion of personal space would have annoyed me before I could find the funny there…


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