As the Toilet Paper Burns…

Observations of an unabashed people watcher…

My Mini-Fremont Street Experience

For those who are unfamiliar with Las Vegas, the Freemont Street Experience is a section of old downtown Vegas where the original casinos are. There is a promenade to walk down between some of the casinos where there is no vehicle traffic. There are vendors and little shops, food, etc set up. It’s apparently much better at night (I’ve never been, because I’m not into the touristy stuff), but we strolled through yesterday on our way to other things, and here’s a quick breakdown of what I saw.

>>Two women dressed up like Chiquita Banana on LSD with hot pink pants and psychodelic ruffles up on leg and these elaborate head pieces… They were standing under the casino sign and the feathers were brushing the lights. Admittedly they were wearing platform shoes, but still!!

>>A older biker chick, completely done up in leathers, standing by a cart– got accosted by tourists who thought she was in costume (note, she was another tourist, not one of the attractions!)

>>A chubby redhead going for self serve ice cream and force of the ice cream exiting the machine knocked the cup from her hands. Oh wait, that was me! 😀

Happy Veteran’s Day~ thank you to those who have served, continue to serve and to those who hold down the homestead while they’re gone!


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