As the Toilet Paper Burns…

Observations of an unabashed people watcher…

Hot mess

Have you ever seen a stability ball chair?  If not, google it.


The Gaiam stability ball chair is the one I just purchased for work.  The size of the stability ball is actually perfect for me, when I sit on it, my thighs are parallel with the floor with my feet on the floor and I can reach my desk and keyboard perfectly.

I’ve recently changed my diet.  I’ve added a ton of vegetables and eliminated a ton of bad things for me.  Lots of fibrous, cruciferous vegetables.  

Do you see the problem here?

There will be no sneaky farts in my office anymore… I’m going to have gas while sitting on a bubble- it’s going to echo all the way to Nepal.  It’s going to sound like moose mating season in my office… 

This will be EPIC! 😉


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2 thoughts on “Hot mess

  1. Waves on said:

    I’m so glad I don’t work in your office! LOL

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