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Only in Vegas

So husband is driving us home after a lovely, quiet birthday dinner and what do we see?  Some crazy in a scion b running the light to turn left and almost plowing into a gigantic suburban!!  The suburban had the green light and was able to swerve out of the way, but it was a very near thing!  The scion slammed on it’s brakes in the intersection and sat there for a few seconds before peeling out. 

Husband and I continue through and pull up next to the suburban at the next light.  Poor dude needed to talk about his experience so we rolled down the window to ask if he was all right.  Here comes crazy scion to scream at all of us because she has children in the car and how dare we drive like that.  Yes, apparently husband and I were at fault too, because we saw her run the light, but it should have been green because she wanted to drive then.

Oh dear Lord, crazy lady can’t drive and has spawned…  Darwin almost fixed that one at the suburban’s expense!



You told me “yes”

You held me high

And I believed when you told that lie

I played soldier

You played king

Struck me down when I kissed that ring…

You lost that right

to wear that crown

I built you up, but you let me down.

So when you fall

I’ll take my turn

and fan those flames as your place is burned!


Thanks Linkin Park for that… and my twisted brain wants to apply that to Obama.  I want him gone so freaking bad– maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I can hope that some of those outspoken quasi-politicians in the entertainment industry are regretting 2008 and are willing to right the wrong in 2012.  😀


Holy crap… I love fireworks, but this last 4th of July was CRAZAY.  Yes, I misspelled that on purpose.

My fluffy pup starts barking around 8:30 at night because he can hear all the of the fireworks exploding outside.  But it wasn’t quite dark yet, so I didn’t venture out from my nice cool apartment.  

That flaming evil ball of fire finally went behind the mountains and the sky darkened enough for the real fireworks shows to start at the different venues, so I went outside finally.  The pup had to join me to protect me, all 7 lbs of him.  I expected to see some of the shows, but it was absolutely ridiculous how many people decided to break the laws to set off the illegal fireworks.  

Don’t get me wrong, they were gorgeous.  But there is a reason it’s illegal- because it’s DANGEROUS!  Thankfully, this year there were no housefires on the 4th.  Unfortunately, people didn’t stop while they were ahead and continued setting off the spectacular rockets well into Thursday and Friday… and quite a few homes have now been lost.  When I say homes, I don’t just mean houses.  Whole apartment buildings have gone up in flames.  So right around 100 people so far are now living off of the charity of the Red cross organization.  

I hope the firework show was worth it for you, asshats!

Bluetooth or no bluetooth? That is the question of the day.

So I as I’m nearing the end of my commute after a long day at work, I stop at a light near my home and there is an older man crossing the street.  Not uncommon, there are lots of people walking.  He starts FREAKING out, yelling, gesturing, etc.  Okay, a little strange, but in this day and age, it’s likely that he’s on the phone.  So I don’t think too much of it.  Even though I don’t see a bluetooth in his ear, but I can’t see both sides of his head, so I don’t want to assume.  He continues on down the street- clearly still agitated and yelling, but no longer gesturing.  It’s a loooooong light, but I’m almost home, so I’m not really stressing… It finally changes, so I turn and as I near my home, I pass the same guy, but now I’m on the other side of him and I can see clearly– there’s no bluetooth, handsfree device… nada.  And there is no one on the side walk and hasn’t been– so who has this guy been yelling at?  Apparently the voices in his head…  

Yeah… did I mention that he’s wearing a security guard uniform?  Luckily, he doesn’t appear armed… but still!  


Hot mess

Have you ever seen a stability ball chair?  If not, google it.


The Gaiam stability ball chair is the one I just purchased for work.  The size of the stability ball is actually perfect for me, when I sit on it, my thighs are parallel with the floor with my feet on the floor and I can reach my desk and keyboard perfectly.

I’ve recently changed my diet.  I’ve added a ton of vegetables and eliminated a ton of bad things for me.  Lots of fibrous, cruciferous vegetables.  

Do you see the problem here?

There will be no sneaky farts in my office anymore… I’m going to have gas while sitting on a bubble- it’s going to echo all the way to Nepal.  It’s going to sound like moose mating season in my office… 

This will be EPIC! 😉

Early morning musings

While I sit here in starbucks, whiling away time til I have to go to work, I spy with my little eye… a “lady” in line. She’s probably late 30’s, early 40’s. From the front, appears normal- it’s April, so she seems to be dressed appropriately for the weather. She wears a black sweater, jeans, tennis shoes… Then she turns around and I realize two things. One- her sweater has no back. Two- she has a LARGE cat in the hat tattoo. Things that make you go- hmm…

All I can think is- that’s not going to age well…

My Mini-Fremont Street Experience

For those who are unfamiliar with Las Vegas, the Freemont Street Experience is a section of old downtown Vegas where the original casinos are. There is a promenade to walk down between some of the casinos where there is no vehicle traffic. There are vendors and little shops, food, etc set up. It’s apparently much better at night (I’ve never been, because I’m not into the touristy stuff), but we strolled through yesterday on our way to other things, and here’s a quick breakdown of what I saw.

>>Two women dressed up like Chiquita Banana on LSD with hot pink pants and psychodelic ruffles up on leg and these elaborate head pieces… They were standing under the casino sign and the feathers were brushing the lights. Admittedly they were wearing platform shoes, but still!!

>>A older biker chick, completely done up in leathers, standing by a cart– got accosted by tourists who thought she was in costume (note, she was another tourist, not one of the attractions!)

>>A chubby redhead going for self serve ice cream and force of the ice cream exiting the machine knocked the cup from her hands. Oh wait, that was me! 😀

Happy Veteran’s Day~ thank you to those who have served, continue to serve and to those who hold down the homestead while they’re gone!

Compromise in the workplace

While I was standing at the printer yesterday, I overheard an exchange which totally blew my mind…

For clarity, we’ll call these two coworkers Seated and Standing. I don’t want to use names here, and their names really don’t matter anyway. These two ladies have interview booths stationed right next to each other and Standing came over to talk to Seated who continued to type away and work. So Standing is venting to Seated about a case– I don’t believe that it was anything case specific that annoyed her, but more the attitude that she was given. Totally understandable and Seated was agreeing with her that people can be jerks. Seated turns and looks at Standing and interrupts her, “Can I tell you something?”

Standing doesn’t seem to mind, “Sure, what’s up?”

Seated: “You’re wearing my name tag.”

Standing: “Uh… Oops? I got confused again.”

Okay– need to pause here for a second. Name tags are mandatory in our office and Seated is a very creative, talented individual who has made beaded lanyards for herself and some others in the office. She’s sold a few of them as well. Her name tag is on a very pretty blue and green beaded lanyard, but Standing’s name tag is on a thicker cloth lanyard– TOTALLY DIFFERENT lanyards.

Apparently, Standing got confused as to which desk was hers and sat at Seateds desk for a while, put on her name tag and started to work. She must have gotten up at some point and returned to her own desk… but WTH? How the heck does this happen? And how often has it happened that Seated had such a calm, polite approach to it?

Seated gets my star of the day for being so tactful. I think I would have gotten pissed before I could laugh it off. Something about the invasion of personal space would have annoyed me before I could find the funny there…

Checking in…

So this has been a crazy ass year… there have been so many crazy, scary, impressive things that have happened to me…

Here’s just a recap today:
— saw a truck hit a road cone, run it over and kick it up into the rest of the roadway! It bounced up into the only two lanes of traffic where we were crammed in around road construction. The bus and I both missed it. I’m not sure if anyone behind us did and it was several hours beforeI went back that way.

— drove through the aftermath of an accident almost immediately after it happened. I saw the vehicle upside down, smashed to hell and the driver laying inside… on the ROOF. People were trying to pull them out through the passenger side.

As heartless as it sounds, in both instances, I kept driving– there was no where for me to stop and really no aid that I could provide. I have to live with that. 😦

What a place to work…

To be clear, I completely appreciate my office manager making this offer.  At the same time, I have to wonder, wtf was I thinking in coming to work someplace where this is an issue?

I just got an email from my boss, sent to the whole office, offering to drill rivets into out freaking license plates to prevent them from being stolen.  His have been stolen 5 times and he was nearly arrested for a hit and run because someone committed one using his plates…

Omfg, what is wrong with these people?! 

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